Camper places at Camping de ikeleane in Friesland

Your own bed with sheets and pillows, kitchen and toilets, and all of this on wheels. At Camping de Ikeleane there are also camping places available, and so you can come here with your camper. Besides the six large camping fields there is also a special area for campers, equipped with various conveniences.

Eight campers can be accommodated in the area for campers at Ikeleane. The places for campers are very easy to access and have a concrete base. Therefore, the camper stands on a solid base, whilst the awning and garden furniture can be placed on the grass. All eight places are provided with electricity. You do not have to trudge for tens of metres with your wastewater, because there is a place for disposal of this in the area for campers. Filling up with water is also not a problem, and is possible for 50 cents per 150 litres.